The story behind the story on all the hyper-growth

Why is it that Viddy, Socialcam, Pinterest, and others have suddenly accelerated their growth in such a short timeframe? The surface answer is, of course, the integration with Facebook’s open graph.

But that’s the symptom, not the cause.

The New Platform Wars: Facebook vs Apple vs Android

What’s really happening is that Facebook has woken up to the fact that it was not a major player in the latest platform wars, and it is coming back with a vengeance. The extent of its efforts, as I’ve gathered from conversations over the last month combined with the company’s public actions, have become crystal clear. It is sparing no expense or action to preserve its future as users’ default graph.

For context on what would cause Facebook to get aggressive, let’s rewind just a few months back and remember what growth was happening at that time. The headlines back in March were about “App Store Payola,” not about Facebook at all. Everyone knew  ….continued at Pando Daily

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